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Order methods

 How To Order products from Atebay.

The products are in catologue you want to buy, you can choose the order online. email ordering and telephone ordering as below:
1.Using our shopping cart: 
As you browse our product pages, click the "addtocart " link. When you are done shopping, review the items in your shopping cart, make any necessary changes, and complete the ordering process. 
To complete the ordering process you can choose how you’d like to pay and which delivery you'd like to choose,we offer multiple payment methods and the range of stardand and express delivery options. 
We will process your order within 24 hours. 
More detailed online order guide,please refer to Step-to-Step order guide 
2.Email Ordering:
Please email us with the order #, name of the interested items,cost, and your shipping address. We will confirm the availability, lead time, and the target shipping date.
We will process your email order within 24 hours. 
3. Live Chat order placing:
In order to save your precious time,please hand all the information of the products what you want to buy.we will handle the order on line for you.
you can use our costumer service center to chat with our online supporting staffs,then placing your according to online purchase guide.
We offer Not In Catalogue Service – ProductFind
If the products are not in Catalogue,
Our dedicated team of experts can source the products to save you time and money in your search for that vital product. 
Send us with:
Product detailed information
Manufacturer (option)
Estimated cost
Required quantity
Required delivery date
We also offer Not in the shelf Service - ProductDesign
If the plastic products on the market are not suitable for your requirements.
Our professional designing term can design the reasonable products for you based on your detailed requirments,then
our facility will produce the products with a appropriate price approximate to the price of the products in the market.
This inquire can be sent in our website linked to the mould just need to fill the form then press send,
You also can send email with the detailed requirments for products to,
the detailed requirments should include:
Product application:
Protection level:
Drawings: if yes,please send us by attachment,we can recieve the formation of the drawings as Pro/E,Auto CAD, PDF,Pictures, 3D with stmp formation.
Logo: paint or formed by mould?
we will make a quotation for you within 2 days.


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